The Freshwater Snail Genus Sulcospira Troschel, 1857 From Java, With Description Of A New Species From Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Pachychilidae)

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Coiling Animal

The freshwater snail genus Sulcospira Troschel, 1858 is found in Sundaland, Indochina, and southern China, and its members usually occur in relatively fast running waters, such as rivers and streams or creeks (Köhler & Dames, 2009). Three species of Sulcospira have been recorded from Java: the type species of the genus, S. sulcospira (Mousson, 1848), as well as S. pisum (Brot, 1868) and S. testudinaria (von dem Busch, 1842) (van Benthem-Jutting, 1956; Köhler & Glaubrecht, 2005; Köhler et al., 2008). Earlier authors, including Morrison (1954) and van Benthem-Jutting (1956), referred the genus Sulcospira to the family Thiaridae and recognised only one species in Java, Sulcospira sulcospira.

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Notes On The Distribution Of Invasive Freshwater Snail Pomacea Canaliculata (Lamarck, 1822) And P. Insularum (D’orbigny, 1835) In Indonesia

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Pomacea canaliculata

The freshwater snails and have been reported as important invasive species causing damage to crops and predominantly wetland rice in Asia. These snails are known as “Golden Apple Snail” (GAS), an introduced species from Argentina. or known as “keong mas, keongmurbei” was introduced in Indonesia around 1983, and after more than 20 years, it now can be found very abundant at various habitats such as marshes, ponds, irrigations, lakes and rice fields in almost all places in Indonesia.

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Keong Air Tawar Pulau Jawa (Moluska, Gastropoda)

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Jenis-jenis Sulcospira dari Jawa
Keong (Gastropoda) air tawar di pulau Jawa tercatat ada 62 jenis, menyebar dari Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah hingga Jawa Timur (van Benthem Jutting, 1956). Namun hasil pemantauan dan ekspedisi yang dilakukan 20 tahun terakhir, saat ini tercatat ada 66 jenis, bertambah empat jenis yakni Pomacea canaliculata, Physastra stagnalis, P. sumatrana yang masuk ke Indonesia sekitar tahun 1980 an dan ditemukannya Sulcospira yang diduga jenis baru. Beberapa jenis keong menyebar luas di beberapa pulau lainnya, namun beberapa jenis lainnya terbatas hanya di Pulau Jawa atau endemik Jawa, seperti jenis-jenis Sulcospira sulcospira (Mousson, 1849) dan S. pisum (Brot, 1868). Read the rest of this entry »